Alcohol, Cannabis, & Vaping: Research and Resources for Prevention

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The Mountain Plains PTTC has compiled research and resources for prevention of alcohol and other drugs.


Visit each resource page below:









Region 8

HHS Region 8 State Specific Prevention Resources




Community Substance Use Prevention and Early Intervention



Substance Abuse Prevention

Tobacco Use Prevention


North Dakota

Prevention Resources and Media Center


South Dakota

Substance Use Prevention Providers

Prevention Program Strategic Plan



Learn about Prevention in Utah



Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Tobacco Prevention and Control Program


General Prevention Resources:

Getting Candid: Framing the Conversation Around Youth Substance Use Prevention, (Toolkit). National Council for Mental Wellbeing, December 2021.

Small Pebbles Make Big Waves- Adding Policy Change Strategies to Substance Misuse Prevention Work, Session 1, (Webinar).  Northeast & Caribbean PTTC, 2023

Implementing Policy to Prevent Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Misuse: A Guidebook, (Guide). Southeast PTTC, 2022

What's Peers Got to Do With It? Part 1, (Webinar). Central East PTTC, 2022

Strategic Prevention Framework, (Guide). SAMHSA, 2019




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