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Two Evidence-Based Prevention Approaches for the Hispanic and Latino Communities: Meet the Developers!
November 18, 2019


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Hispanic and Latinos are expected to reach one quarter of the U.S population by the year 2050, and are at a disproportionate risk for negative behavioral health outcomes such as substance use and alcoholism (National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2007), sexually transmitted illnesses such as HIV (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007), and mental health concerns (Prado et al., 2006). With this knowledge, researchers have developed Evidence Based Practices that focuses on culturally based risk factors within the Latino community.

Familia Adelante: Multi-risk Reduction Behavioral Health Prevention for Latino/Hispanic Youth and Families (FA) addresses the impact of acculturative stress on Latino communities and equips Latino-serving organizations with a psycho-educational curriculum that helps Latino families manage negative behavioral outcomes associated with stress exposure, and their families in family and peer communication, substance abuse prevention, HIV knowledge and perceptions of harm about high-risk behavior, and positive school bonding and behavior.

Familias Unidas: is a family-centered, evidence-based substance use and sexual risk behavior prevention intervention for Hispanic youth and their families. Familias Unidas is a multi-level intervention that targets risk (e.g., poor adolescent communication) and protective factors (e.g., parental involvement) at the family, peer, and school level.