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Data-Driven Vaping Prevention Messaging in New Hampshire and Maine
Recorded Webinar - Prevention in Action: Data-Driven Vaping Prevention Messaging in New Hampshire and Maine
November 4, 2020


This webinar is one of the New England PTTC's prevention trainings. In this webinar (recorded October 20, 2020), participants will receive a detailed overview of each of the four products in the toolkit. No continuing education is available. Contact us if you have any questions.


Course Summary: The New England PTTC Prevention in Action webinar series features successful prevention stories from across New England. In this Prevention in Action webinar, representatives from New Hampshire and Maine will share how their agencies each developed data-driven vaping prevention media campaigns, what the campaigns included and what their next steps are. This webinar will demonstrate how state and local data can be used to develop universal and targeted media campaigns for prevention. 



  • Jessica Morton, New Hampshire DHHS Tobacco Control and Prevention
  • Christin D’Ovidio, John Snow Institute
  • David Pied and Garth Smith, Maine CDC Tobacco and Substance Use Prevention
  • Elizabeth Daniels, Rinck Advertising


Link to view the recorded webinar (recorded on October 20, 2020).

No continuing education is available. 


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