Prevention Specialist Credentialing: Getting Started


Are you considering prevention credentialing soon? We want to help! The PTTC has created several products and resources to help you get started. Follow the steps below to begin the process of becoming credentialed in 2023. Email us with your questions and give us updates on your progress [email protected].


  1. Download the certification requirements for your state using the new Prevention Specialist Certification Database. There you will find various resources:

              a. Map of the IC & RC credentialing boards within the United States

       b. Levels of certification for each state

       c. Credentialing requirements for each state’s credentialing board

       d. Board websites

       e. Re-certification requirements


  1. Begin a list of the qualified training you have completed and collect all the certificates of completion for each.


  1. Determine what additional training is needed in each prevention domain and register for needed training. Training can be obtained through your state training entity, conferences, and on the PTTC website. Check with your state credentialing board for other approved sources.


  1. Calculate your current alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) hours toward certification (See your state board requirements for the minimum number of hours).


  1. Take an IC & RC qualified Ethics course. Learn more about PTTC ethic's courses here.


  1. Begin studying for the IC & RC exam using resources from the IC & RC website. Several study resources exist and others will soon be released. New study guide 2022

       a. Organize a study group for others seeking certification in your community

       b. Seek positive mentors who will help answer questions about the process

       c. Overcoming Testing Anxiety  Watch this video for ideas on overcoming testing anxiety.

       d. Join the SSW PTTC mailing list for additional resources coming soon!

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