Preventing Trauma and Its Consequences, A Five-Part Series

Please join us in this webinar series as we come together to share the good news about the role of prevention in addressing ACEs and other trauma. Together we'll learn the practical steps to preventing trauma and its consequences in your community.

Check out the session speakers:

Laura Porter, ACE Interface Co-Founder

Chan Hellman, PhD

Fabricia Prado, LCSW

Aric Rohner

Sean Byrne, MED, MCP, CPS, LPC-S

Session 1: Understanding the Science of Trauma, Illuminating Prevention Action

This webinar will provide direct instruction about toxic stress, the most powerful determinant of health, and explore prevention actions that have the power to shift the trajectory of well-being for future generations.

Session 2: The Science and Power of Hope and How to Nurture it in Youth and Adults

This webinar presents the science of hope as a psychological strength in our ability to cope with traumatic experiences. 

Session 3: Guiding Principles to Address Trauma in Prevention Work and Self-care for Prevention Professionals

This presentation discusses five principles of trauma-informed care and five principles of self-care that help professionals in the field promote wellness within the community and among themselves. 

Session 4: Implementing Trauma-Informed Care: The Practicalities May Not Be What You Think They Are

This training provides an overview of what implementing Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) involves and steps to incorporate it into programs and organizations.

Session 5:  Community Trauma and Systemic Intervention Strategies

This webinar discusses the impact of community trauma on the community's readiness to change and identifies interventions for progressing prevention goals. 

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