Improving Health Outcomes for Diverse Populations (Oct 2021 Series), Part 3: Realize We All Generalize- Learning to Limit Our Implicit Prejudices (Webinar Recording)

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Improving Health Outcomes for Diverse Populations (Oct 2021 Series)
Part 3: Realize We All Generalize- Learning to Limit Our Implicit Prejudices
Anthony President

October 28, 2021, 1-2:30 PM EST


Intuitive Generalization in the form of stereotyping is part of the human condition. Our brains use cognitive schemas every day to help us to make sense of differences in others. Generalizing is as routine as any other cognitive function. The challenge with generalizing is that decisions are made on presumptions that are not necessarily true of each individual but are believed to be true based on their group membership. Treating people based on assumptions can lead to negative bias, prejudice ,and ultimately discrimination of BIPOC. This workshop deals with strategies to help us identify and limit our implicit prejudices through cultural empathy (openness, mutuality, and understanding).


  • Define implicit prejudice and the impact of BIPOC in behavioral health.
  • Understand implicit prejudice as natural and part of the human condition.
  • Examine implicit prejudices that we may possess and use strategies to limit them in our everyday interactions with those we serve.
  • Discuss Cultural Empathy as a tool for understanding and appreciation of diversity to overcome prejudicial ideas, attitude, opinions and beliefs.


Anthony President headshotMaster Trainer, International Speaker and author of the book “Invincible Social Worker”, Anthony President has empowered and inspired more than 100,000 people to perform, produce and partner better at their places of work. Thousands of companies and organizations have been transformed as a result of Anthony’s work. With over 20 years of facilitation experience, Anthony utilizes a broad range of active learning methodologies to engage and inspire learners to put new ideas into practice creating tangible results for their organizations. Anthony launched his training career and gained his expertise in social services as the Senior Training Officer for the Cuyahoga County Department of Child and Family Services, the largest Human Services agency in the State of Ohio. Prior to founding Presidential Consultants in 2000, Anthony spent a decade in the Corporate arena as a Sales Executive and Sales Manager across two Fortune 500 organizations. An award-winning trainer, Anthony brings high energy and his signature humor to a wide range of topics including diversity & inclusion, leadership, workplace safety & wellbeing. Anthony is an alumnae of John Carroll University in his native Cleveland, Ohio.

October 28, 2021
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