New England PTTC Needs Assessment Final Report

The New England PTTC is pleased to release the final report of its 2019 prevention workforce needs assessment.

Beginning in September 2018, New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center conducted a prevention workforce needs assessment in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. This needs assessment was conducted by the New England PTTC's evaluation sub-contractor, Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG).  The needs assessment had the following five objectives:


1. Define substance use prevention, concretely and operationally, in a way that is meaningful for professionals in the field and can be used across state lines to discuss prevention on a larger scale;

2. Identify the current landscape of the New England prevention workforce;

3. Identify strengths and needs among New England states in the prevention workforce;

4. Evaluate current prevention workforce recruitment strategies; and,

5. Offer recommendations for training and technical assistance for new and advanced prevention professionals in the field.


The attached report outlines current service availability, gaps, and needs for substance use prevention professional education and accreditation. Specifically, it highlights state-level prevention workforce recruitment strategies, the utilization and promotion of prevention certification and training needs for the New England prevention workforce. The New England PTTC will use this report as a major basis for the development of training and technical assistance services offered and provided to the field in the New England states.  


The New England PTTC will soon schedule a live webinar providing an overview of the report.  Stay tuned!

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