Prevention Professional Competencies Initiative

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The Guide to the Eight Professional Competencies for Higher Education Substance Misuse Prevention (Professional Competencies Guide) was designed to promote enhanced professional skills and ultimately significantly impact college students' decisions surrounding drugs and alcohol. This work was developed through the Mid-America PTTC, in partnership with David S. Anderson, PH.D. and a planning body of subject matter experts in the field of substance use prevention on college campuses.

The Guide provides a broad understanding of the range of skills necessary for orchestrating comprehensive campus prevention efforts. The resulting compilation organizes competencies within eight core areas; further, it provides specific resources helpful for each of these areas and for overall professional development. As a whole, this Professional Competencies Guide provides a current framework that helps campus leaders and dedicated professionals move things forward, to work more efficiently, and to be more effective.

  • Prevention Science
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Strategic Planning
  • Needs Assessment, Evaluation and Research
  • Program Management
  • Policy and Environmental Strategies
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Advocacy

The aim with this Professional Competencies Guide is to increase efficiencies and effectiveness with substance misuse prevention. Through the continued growth and learning embodied by these competencies, our campuses become better equipped to promote healthy living and learning environments.

The Mid-America PTTC would like to thank Dr. Anderson and his team for their dedication to this initiative, which started from an idea that Dave Closson had during his tenure at Mid-America.

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