Screening for Adolescent Substance Use

Course Description:

Adolescents are influenced by a variety of factors that can place them at a high risk for substance use, misuse, and substance use disorders. Consequently, there is a potential for obstructing healthy emotional, physical, and social development. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends universal screening in pediatric primary care, and many school settings are integrating substance use screening to capitalize on contact opportunities. This interactive webinar training will review validated screening tools for adolescents and rapport building approaches to conduct an effective substance use screening, utilizing components of SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment).


Diana Padilla -- is Research Project Manager at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Division of Substance Use Disorders, Columbia University Medical Center. Ms. She is a Senior Trainer with more than 23 years of public health service, instructing behavioral health practitioners, prevention specialists and drug court professionals on addictions and recovery supporting best practices.

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