Sustainability Planning in Prevention Guidebook and Toolkit

The Sustainability Planning in Prevention Guidebook and Sustainability Planning in Prevention Toolkit are designed to help substance misuse prevention providers, coalitions, groups, organizations, and training and technical assistance providers to:

  • Look critically at prevention infrastructures
  • Develop sustainability plans
  • Establish the necessary partnerships and resources to sustain meaningful prevention outcomes beyond current funding


The Sustainability Planning in Prevention Guidebook, published March 2024 by the Great Lakes PTTC with funding from SAMHSA     The Sustainability Planning in Prevention Toolkit, published March 2024 by the Great Lakes PTTC with funding from SAMHSA



The Sustainability Planning Guidebook and accompanying toolkit were originally developed and published by SAMHSA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) task order in 2018 (Reference # HHSS283201200024I/HHSS28342002T). The 2024 versions of the guidebook and toolkit were developed with the support of the DHHS, SAMHSA, under cooperative agreement H79SP080995.

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Everyday Sustainability: Building a Foundation for Sustainable Prevention Throughout the SPF

  Sustainability is one of the overarching principles of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). It sits in the middle of the Framework touching every step of the SPF. Yet we often fail to consider sustainability in our daily work. Sustainable, community-driven, outcome-focused substance misuse prevention isn’t built in the last 6 months of a grant cycle. Creating sustainable prevention happens every day, in every step of the SPF process. In this 90-minute webinar, we will explore how to build sustainability into each step of the SPF process through our daily prevention work.   PRESENTATION SLIDES AND HANDOUT:  Printable Presentation Slides  Printable Handout    LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Define sustainability Describe how sustainability is woven into each step of the SPF process List the “everyday” tasks associated with building sustainable substance misuse prevention programs   PRESENTER: Erin Ficker, MPAff, CSPS Erin Ficker serves as a prevention manager for the Great Lakes PTTC. For more than 16 years, Erin has worked in substance abuse prevention supporting communities to use evidence-based strategies and data-driven processes in substance abuse prevention planning and implementation.  She works with community-level prevention practitioners and schools in the development, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of prevention interventions.

Crosswalk of SPF Steps with Sustainability Milestones and Skills

This crosswalk identifies tasks commonly associated with each step of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and aligns them with sustainability milestones and practitioner skills needed to meet these milestones. This can be used to determine capacity building needs within communities/counties implementing the SPF process.
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