Youth and Opioid Usage (Webinar Recording)

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Youth and Opioid Usage
Nikita Danthi

May 10, 2023, 1:00pm-2:30pm EST


This webinar will address the importance of education of opioid effects among high school students. We will examine how this lack of awareness of youth is impacted by systemic issues, and can cause misuse of the drug. This webinar will also discuss the effects and statistics of opioid use, as well as strategies for minimizing these inconsistencies faced by different communities.


  • Discuss the importance of addressing opioid usage and review the disproportionate impact of lack of education.
  • Explain key considerations for serving people who are most impacted (the diverse communities).
  • Understand the need for more education and awareness among high school students.
  • Explain why early education is important and how it can lead to prevention.
  • Review the challenges and opportunities the opioid epidemic has caused.


Nikita DanthiNikita Danthi is an intern at the PTTC, and has been interning since January. She is a Psychology and Public Health dual degree on the population health track. She is also pursuing a Sociology minor, and will be graduating in May 2023.


May 10, 2023
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