Resources on Coping and Building Resiliency Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Mountain Plains Prevention Technology Transfer Center has compiled a list of relevant resources to help you during these uncertain times

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Prevention Specific Resources:

Reduce your risk of serious lung disease caused by Corona virus by quitting smoking and vaping, (Web Article). UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. 2020. 

Substance Use Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic, (Policy Brief). Carnevale Associates, LLC. 2020. 


Federal Resources and Information on COVID-19:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Information, (Webpage). SAMHSA. 2020.

COVID Coach app, (Mobile App). National Center for PTSD, US Department of Veterans Affairs. 2020.

COVID-19: Potential Implications for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders, Blog post by Dr. Nora Volkow, (Webpage). National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 2020.

COVID-19 Response in Indian Country, (Webpage). Indian Health Services (IHS). 2020.

Disaster Behavioral Health Information Series (DBHIS) focusing on Children and Youth, (Webpage). SAMHSA. 2018.

Federal Covid-19 Resources for HHS Region 8, (Resource Document). US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 2020.

SAMHSA Disaster Mobile App, (Mobile App). SAMHSA. January 2014. 


Tips for Survivors of a Pandemic: Managing Stress, (Publication). SAMHSA, October 2020. 

Coping tips for Traumatic events and Disasters, (Webpage). SAMHSA. December 2020.

Talking with Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers during Infectious Disease Outbreaks, (Fact Sheet). SAMHSA. March 2020. 

Tips For Social Distancing, Quarantine, And Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak, (Fact Sheet). SAMHSA. April 2020.

Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Coping with Retraumatization, (Brochure). SAMHSA, November 2017. 

Coping-19, (Website). AdCouncil & CDC. 2020.

Self-Care during the Corona Virus Pandemic 2020, (Webpage). National Association of Social Workers (NASW). 2020.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty, (Webpage). American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). March 2020. 

Thinking About Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Impacts Through a Science-Informed, Early Childhood Lens, (Article). Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University, April 2020. 



Consejos para sobrevivientes de una pandemia: Control del estrés (Spanish version ofTips for Survivors of a Pandemic: Managing Stress), (Publication). SAMHSA, May 2021. 

Consejos para sobrevivientes de un desastre u otro acontecimiento traumático: Cómo enfrentar la re-traumatización (Spanish Version of Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Dealing with Re-Traumatization), (Publication). SAMHSA, May 2021. 

Cómo lidiar con el estrés durante un brote de una enfermedad contagiosa (Spanish Version of Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks), (Publication). SAMHSA. March 2016.




Resources for Educators:

Talking with Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks, (Fact Sheet). SAMHSA.

Children and Disasters. Disaster Prevention to Meet Children's Needs, (Webpage). American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). 2020.

TTC Specific Resources for Educators: 

Best Practices and Helpful Considerations for Responding to Traumatic Stress in Schools for School Staff, (Webinar on August 11). Mountain Plains MHTTC, August 2021. 

Mental Health Resources for K-12 Educators During COVID-19, (Recorded Webinar). Mountain Plains MHTTC. April 2020. 

Tools for Educators During a Public Health Crisis, (Infographic). Northeast and Caribbean MHTTC. March 2020. 

Tips for Educators: Supporting Parents During this Pandemic, (Recorded Webinar). Mountain Plains MHTTC. April 2020.

Nurturing My Mental & Emotional Health(Webpage). National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 2021



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