small spf flowerStrategic Prevention Framework Step 2: Capacity Building

Capacity building, the second step of the SPF, involves how to engage diverse community stakeholders, develop and strengthen a prevention team, and identify opportunities to raise community awareness about the issues. Below are training resources to support your work. For more capacity resources, visit our training and examples pages.




CADCA Capacity Primer

This primer provides clear guidelines to help your coalition build a coherent plan to support your coalition’s prevention strategies.



Community Readiness Handbook

The Community Readiness Model, developed by researchers at the Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research, helps communities conduct a community readiness assessment and develop an action plan to increase community readiness.

Community Readiness for Community Change

The Community Readiness Model helps communities assess and build community readiness to address substance misuse and other issues of concern.

A Guide to SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework

This guide developed by SAMHSA offers prevention planners a comprehensive overview of the SPF. Step 2, Capacity begins on page 11.