Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Research and Resources



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What is EDI? 


EDI Resources 


Importance of Language, Accessibility, and Cultural Competency 


CLAS Standards (CLAS) 

Region 8 Behavioral Health ADVISORY: Adopting the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS), memo sent to Region 8 on July 29, 2020


The HHS Office of Minority Health says, "The National CLAS Standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities by establishing a blueprint for health and health care organizations."  

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To help implement this into your work, here is An Implemenation Checklist for the National CLAS Standards document.

Visit www.ThinkCulturalHealth.hhs.gov for more information


National Research and Resources:


Technology Transfer Center (TTC) Resources:

National Coordinating Office

Building Health Equity and Inclusion, (Resource Page). NCO PTTC, January 2021

National American Indian & Alaska Native

National Hispanic and Latino

Cultural Humility: Where Being a Human Matters in Serving Others, (Recorded Webinar). MHTTC, April 2019. 

Cultural Humility: Where Being a Human Matters in Serving Others, (Factsheet). MHTTC, December 2019. 

HHS Region 1: New England

HHS Region 2: Northeast and Caribbean

HHS Region 3: Central East

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards in Behavioral Health Settings: Military and Veterans, (Recorded webinar). Central East PTTC, May 2019. 

HHS Region 4: Southeast

HHS Region 5: Great Lakes

HHS Region 6: South Southwest

HHS Region 7: Mid-America

Racial Equity Resources, (Webpage). ATTC, 2021. 

HHS Region 8: Mountain Plains

HHS Region 9: Pacific Southwest

HHS Region 10: Northwest

Racial Equity & Cultural Diversity- General Resources. Northwest MH-TTC.


TTC Resources by Topic

Racial Equity and Cultural Diversity

Cultural Competency


Health Equity and Disparities 


TTC Resources by Populations

American Indian and Alaska Native Populations 


African American and Afro-Caribbean Populations 


Latino and Hispanic Populations  






Centers Increasing Racial Equity

African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence