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Prevention Resources
April 1, 2022

Prevention Resources Developed by the Southeast PTTC

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The Southeast PTTC Policy Guidebook


This Guidebook was developed by the Southeast
Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC) to
provide a framework for advancing evidence-based
policy strategies in local communities.

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Preemption & The Regulation of Alcohol Infographic

This interactive resource was developed by the Southeast PTTC to
assist in the education and dissemination of state-based policy regarding
alcohol distribution, regulation, and enforcement. 

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Southeast PTTC Onboarding and Orientation Guide

This resource is adapted by the Southeast PTTC from
a resource created in partnership with the Maine Prevention Workforce Development Workgroup,
convened by AdCare Educational Institute of Maine under contract with the Maine Center for Disease Control.
It aims to meet universal developmental training needs of the substance misuse prevention workforce in the Southeast. 

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SAMHSA's Practical Guide for Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach

SAMHSA Prevention Resources

A Guide to SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth
SAMHSA Evidence-based Resource Guide Series

SAMHSA Evidence-based Resource Guide Series

Tobacco-free Toolkit for Behavioral Health Agencies
SAMHSA National Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Recovery

Advisory: Peer Support Services in Crisis Care - added 8.31.22

Advisory: Expanding Implementation of Mental Health Awareness Trainings (MHAT) in the Workplace - added 9.2.22

Addressing Burnout in the Behavioral Health Workforce through Organizational Strategies - added 9.7.22

Guide Overview - Adapting Evidence-Based Practices for Under-Resources Populations - added 9.19.22
Adapting Evidence-Based Practices for Under-Resourced Populations - added 9.19.22
Sample Policies for the Delivery of SUD-related Services via Audio-Only Telehealth Product Developed by:  Pacific Southwest ATTC  & Mountain Plains ATTC - added 9.28.22
Racial Equality Tools Glossary - added 9.28.22 
Tip 61: Behavioral Health Services for American Indians and Alaska Natives - added 9.28.22 
General Disaster Response and Recovery Information - added 9.28.22
Community Engagement: An Essential Component of an Effective and Equitable Substance Use Prevention System - added 11.28.22
Guide Overview: Community Engagement: An Essential Component of an Effective and Equitable Substance Use Prevention System - added 11.28.22


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                   Global PTTC


A Comprehensive Culturally Responsive Glossary: Concepts to Increase Awareness Towards Health Equity - Direct Download



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National Council for Mental Wellbeing


2022 Access to Care Survey Results - Direct Download

More than 4 in 10 U.S. Adults Who Needed Substance Use and Mental Health Care Did Not Get Treatment


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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)


NIAAA Expands Outreach to Diverse Audiences with New Factsheet Translations

The Latest “Alcohol Facts and Statistics” from NIAAA - Added 3.21.23