South Southwest Methamphetamine Brief

November 4, 2021

South Southwest Methamphetamine Brief, October 2021

Methamphetamine use is a large and growing problem across much of the United States. In fact, data reveals that methamphetamine (and stimulants in general) may be the next major epidemic facing the country. In some regions, methamphetamine has been endemic since previous waves of use. But the newest wave is different in important ways. This brief explores methamphetamine use in the South Southwest (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas) regions, highlighting use and overdose patterns, risk and protective factors, and the current state of prevention research.

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From the Brief:

South Southwest Fatal Methamphetamine-Involved Overdoses Per 100,000 People

The graph below shows the number of methamphetamine-involved overdoses per 100,000 by state in the South Southwest region. Because the data represents a small number of the population, the chart scale is from zero to 14.









SSW Meth Brief
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