2019 New England Summer School Plenary - The Evolution of State Cannabis Policies and Where Prevention Fits In

Slide-deck handout from the 2019 New England Summer School of Addiction Studies Plenary session: 

The Evolution of State Cannabis Policies and Where Prevention Fits In, 

Created and presented by: Scott M. Gagnon, MPP, PS-C, Director, New England Prevention Technology Transfer Center, AdCare Educational Institute of Maine, Inc.


Presentation description: Cannabis laws and policies are rapidly changing in states. Various decriminalization, medical marijuana, and adult-use marijuana policies are being debated and moving through state legislatures and ballot boxes. Amid all of this change, where does prevention fit in? This workshop shows participants how these policies can evolve, the implications for public health and safety, and how and where prevention fits in. Participants will learn from a presenter with hands-on experience both in prevention and shaping marijuana policies. Additionally, participants will learn about the new marijuana prevention training and technical assistance services from the New England PTTC.


If you would like the New England PTTC to come provide this 3-hour presentation in your state or community, please send us a request! [email protected]

October 7, 2019
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