How Primary Care Can Address Youth Substance Use Disorders (Webinar Recording)

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How Primary Care Can Address Youth Substance Use Disorders
Jim Winkle, MPH

April 13, 2023, 1:00pm-3:00pm EST


Medical and behavioral health professionals who work in primary care are in a unique position to help adolescents living with substance use disorders (SUDs), but often feel at a loss how to do so effectively, in a limited amount of time, and without conveying judgement. Adolescents living with SUDs, meanwhile, may face stigma from health professionals, and may not relate to a singular focus on treatment programs. This presentation will improve the ability of primary care professionals to screen for SUDs with adolescent patients and perform a four-step brief intervention model that enhances the motivation of patients to reduce their risk of harm. As a result, clinicians will be better able to help these patients forge their own pathway to recovery.


  • Demonstrate how to use a screening tool that quickly identifies possible substance use disorders with adolescent patients
  • Demonstrate how to perform a four-step brief intervention that enhances the motivation of adolescents to change their substance use
  • Explain how principles of harm reduction can help mitigate provider stigma and help adolescents reduce harm from substance use
  • Describe best practices in referring adolescent patients to substance use treatment


Jim Winkle headshotJim Winkle, MPH, has trained hundreds of behavioral health professionals how to address substance use with clients and patients. As the creator behind the SBIRT Oregon website, Jim has designed screening forms, clinic tools and training videos used by professionals across the country.


April 13, 2023
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