Leadership in Multi-Stakeholder, Loosely Coupled Systems [Webinar Recording]

Are you asking yourself "how do I lead in the situation when there is no one specifically in charge, multiple stakeholders are involved in the decision making process, and there is no way you can force people to do what needs to be done?"


Leadership is not about the job, the title, or the position … it's not about you at all!  It is about the purpose, the group of people who are charged with producing something related to that purpose in partnership and collaboration with others. Leadership today requires a paradigm shift in order to be more effective and deliver results.

 Learning Objectives

  • Explore different point of view on leadership
  • Discover levels and dimensions of leadership in loosely coupled, multi-stakeholder system
  • Understand what competencies are necessary to lead effectively in this new way


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Irina Fursman, Ed.D.




Irina Fursman is the Co-Founder and CEO of HueLife, a training, facilitation and consulting company on a mission to educate, facilitate and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations. She designs and facilitates experiences including strategic thinking and planning retreats; learning programs for personal and professional development; and conflict resolution. She also manages business development activities, partnership and community engagement programs, conceptualizing new products and services, and developing learning experiences and programs. She does this all while challenging the conventions required for innovation. 




Born in the USSR, Irina spent the first half of her life in Russia, Crimea, and Ukraine and moved to the USA in 2002. She has co-founded a number of organizations and is currently a member of Rotary, Minnesota Change Management Network, International Society of Organization Development and Change (ISODC), and Technology of Participation (ToP) Network. 




Irina completed her doctoral research on “Leadership in loosely coupled, multi-stakeholder systems” at University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis. Her passion for social justice and love for learning is what drives her to create organizations that will continue to provide learning opportunities and experiences in the arena of systems change at all levels. 








Irina is a survivor, entrepreneur, fighter for justice and freedom. Her personal mission is to inspire action for the greater good for two reasons: she cares about the impact she can personally make on the world, and it is fun! 




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