Strategic Tools: Using Logic Models for Organizational Planning and Evaluation - Part 1

Strategic Tools: Using Logic Models for Organizational
Planning and Evaluation

Part 1: Introduction to Logic Models

September 26, 2023



Webinar Description

Join us for this two part webinar series. This training will prepare participants to conduct data-informed program planning and evaluation using logic models as a part of their strategic planning process. We will learn about logic models and the ways that they guide planning and programming. We will touch on types of data, data storage and prep, and data analysis. We will wrap up with components of a strategic plan, including an evaluation plan, and how to incorporate a strategic plan into all aspects of organizational operations. 

Webinar Objectives

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Recognize how and when to use logic models for program planning and program evaluation
  • Identify data types and data sources, and how to format, store, and analyze for evaluation
  • Understand the components of a strategic plan, and how to utilize that plan for continuous improvement


Webinar Recording and Slides


Additional Resources

View Part 2: Incorporating Logic Models into Strategic Plans

Click here to view References and Suggested Reading (PDF)


Logic Model Worksheet (Word Doc)
Goals and Outcomes Worksheet (Word Doc)
Needs Assessment Worksheet (Word Doc)
Organizational Inputs Worksheet (Word Doc)
Theory of Change Worksheet (Word Doc)



Dr. Ashley Hall, PhD, MSW
Dr. Hall is an Assistant Professor with the Washington State University Extension 4-H Program. Her experience includes strategic planning for both academic and nonprofit organizations. She teaches skills related to strategic planning including survey development, data creation, storage, analysis, and visualization, as well as evaluation and reporting for internal and external stakeholders.



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October 5, 2023
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