The Social Determinants of Health

The aspects of life that influence a person’s health, including their likelihood of engaging in risky behavior such as substance use, are numerous and varied. They range from very immediate, personal characteristics to overarching societal trends and conditions. The social determinants of health are these larger social or environmental aspects that influence us, such as the economic status of the neighborhoods in which we live, our access to quality health care services, and the amount of discrimination we face. This three-part, 3 hour, self-paced course will provide a comprehensive overview of the social determinants of health and examine the influence they have on substance use. It will also discuss the impacts a public health approach can have on them, review how to turn prevention knowledge into actionable processes, and provide recommendations on how to address them through the principles of prevention science and using environmental and other strategies. Certificate of Completion Available

January 17, 2023
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