Themes and Resources from Six Elements of Effective Coalitions – An Overview

Themes and Resources

This online webinar offered national substance use prevention practitioners and coalitions an opportunity to learn and share around a coalition building model – the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions with presenter Dr. Kevin Haggerty. The peer sharing nature of the webinar encouraged a rich discussion of innovative ways to continue coalition efforts, particularly during the virtual transition due to COVID-19. Participants shared strategies and tools they are using to remain engaged with their coalitions, and maintain engagement with each other. Participants also highlighted the pros and cons of remote interactions and suggestions of what has worked for their respective situations. The information contained in this document is a compilation of participant responses to the central questions addressed in the session. Please note that many of the suggestions made by participants were not strictly evidence-based and should not be regarded as such. The overall purpose of this summary is to share the collective experience from the prevention field during this challenging time.

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