[SPANISH] Mercadeo Social y Abogacía de Medios: Herramientas efectivas para sostener los esfuerzos de incidencia, comunicación y visibilidad.

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---This Webinar is in Spanish/Este seminario web es en Español---

El Mercadeo social y la abogacía de medios son herramientas poderosas basadas en el modelo de salud pública que pueden ayudar a las organizaciones a alcanzar sus metas. Este Webinar es una introducción a ambos conceptos.

Los objetivos principales serán:

  • Definir qué es mercadeo social y abogacía en medios de comunicación
  • Identificar las diferencias entre el mercadeo social y la abogacía en medios de comunicación
  • Contextualizar su uso estratégico
  • Identificar algunos métodos para su aplicación

Social marketing and media advocacy are powerful tools based on the public health model that can help organizations achieve their stated goals. This Webinar is an introduction to both concepts.

The main objectives will be:

  • What social marketing and media advocacy is
  • Identify the differences between social marketing and media advocacy
  • Contextualize its strategic use
  • Identify a few application methods


Yimaris Menendez photoYimaris Menendez
Consultant, Trainer @Promoviendo Alternatives Saludables

Yimaris Menendez has 20 years of experience as a consultant and trainer for different public and private organizations in Puerto Rico, where she resides, Central and South America. She worked as a regional councils coordinator for the Puerto Rican Coalition for Prevention and Reduction of Underage Drinking in Puerto Rico. This coalition was sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and was one of thirteen in the US to receive the island wide grant. Ms. Menendez also managed and served as director of a youth project that was sponsored by the Traffic Safety Commission and provided educational programs related to traffic safety and underage drinking to the island’s youth. From 2005-2010, she coordinated a Drug-Free Community grant in Carolina, Puerto Rico. The grant enabled the Carolina Community Coalition to succeed in changing public policies related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use among youth.

Jose Malave photoJose Malave
Consultant, Trainer @Promoviendo Alternativas Saludables (PAS, Corp.)

Mr. Jose Malave Rexach has a professional experience of more than 20 years working in the field of substance abuse prevention, community mobilization, public policy and development of community coalitions. He started in the substance abuse prevention field as research assistant of the Puerto Rico Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking (a grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Technical Assistance of the American Medical Association). In 2003 went to direct the efforts of the Coalition focused on environmental policy changes to reduce alcohol access to minors. He is one of the founders of Health Alternative Promotions; a consulting organization to promote health and help organizations to promote policies that contributes for personal and organizational quality of life, community mobilization and strategic planning. Mr. Malave was the project director of Carolina Alcohol and Drug Free Community by ASPIRA of Puerto Rico helping reducing Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs among youth

December 19, 2019
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