Webinar: Practical Skills in Prevention Series - Contagious Leadership! If there is such a thing?

Practical Skills in Prevention: A Series Focused on Soft Skills

When it comes to building workforce capacity, some fields overlook the importance of practical or “soft skills” as they are not as tangible as technical or “hard skills.” Soft skills are abilities that relate to how you work and interact with others. Soft skills are transferable, and useful in every domain of life. Soft skills enable you to collaborate, build relationships, and enhance productivity. For prevention professionals, strong communication skills instill confidence to engage with communities, foster meaningful connections and strengthen relationships. Developing soft skills may take time but is essential for advancing in the modern prevention workforce.


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Session 2: Contagious Leadership! If there is such a thing?

Join us for an engaging webinar addressing burnout and high turnover in the prevention field. Prevention leaders face the challenge of attracting and retaining talented professionals in a competitive job market, where expectations are ever-changing. This interactive webinar covered the transformational leadership model and how it can improve team morale and personnel retention. Participants had the opportunity to discuss a case study, which allowed them to actively apply the leadership model and explore its potential applicability within their own work context.


Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the challenges of retaining prevention professionals
  • Define transformative leadership 
  • Brainstorm strategies to motivate and engage prevention professionals



headshot of presenterColber Prosper, M.S.

Colber Prosper, M.S., is the CEO of Prosper & Partners International Consulting Firm, LLC and authored the book title, No Entry Examining the Powers that Undermine our Full Potential. Colber is an expert in various areas like education, organizational development, community public health and prevention. However, all of this work is centered around building community and creating inclusive spaces for all. He is passionate about spirituality, social justice, humans and South Florida sport teams.


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