Webinar: Regional Methamphetamine Use: What Prevention Practitioners Need to Know

Regional Methamphetamine Use: What Prevention Practitioners Need to Know


December 12, 2019



While there has been recent attention given to the opioid epidemic, many prevention practitioners remain concerned about rising rates of methamphetamine use in their communities. This webinar will highlight the emerging trends in methamphetamine use in the Northwest region of the United States including a discussion of the current and emerging data on demographics and use rates. The webinar will also highlight prevention approaches to address methamphetamine use and how organizations can collaborate across sectors to better understand and combat misuse in their communities.



Steven Freng, Psy.D., MSW., Prevention/Treatment Manager for the Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (NW HIDTA)

The NW HIDTA, is a region of fourteen counties within Washington State that has been designated by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy for special law enforcement and chemical dependency initiatives. Dr. Freng has acquired over 30 years of experience as a chemical dependency professional, having worked in clinical, supervisory, administrative and managerial capacities in the development and delivery of chemical dependency prevention and treatment services in the State of Washington.


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