Webinar - Why Use Evidence and Where to Find It: Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development

Webinar: Why Use Evidence and Where to Find It: Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development


DATE: May 27, 2020



Many prevention practitioners struggle to identify and select appropriate evidence-based interventions to prevent substance misuse in their communities. To adequately address a problem it is important to understand why evidence is important, how to use it, and where you can go to find it. This webinar will discuss the importance of employing evidence and prevention science in our substance misuse prevention work. It will also highlight the Blueprints for Healthy Youth registry to assist you with locating evidence-based substance misuse prevention interventions that are appropriate for your community.



Karl G. Hill, PhD, is the Principal Investigator of the Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development prevention registry, and directs the Program on Problem Behavior and Positive Youth Development at the University of Colorado Boulder. Over the last thirty years he has focused on two key questions: What are optimal family, peer, school and community environments that encourage healthy youth and adult development? And How do we work with communities to make this happen? In addition, he has focused on developing and testing interventions to shape these outcomes, and on working with communities to improve youth development and to break intergenerational cycles of problem behavior.





Reference: Hill KG, Woodward D, Woelfel T, Hawkins JD, Green S. Planning for Long-Term Follow-Up: Strategies Learned from Longitudinal Studies. Prev Sci. 2016;17(7):806‐818. doi:10.1007/s11121-015-0610-7.

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