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Community Trauma and Systemic Intervention Strategies
July 27, 2021

Preventing Trauma and Its Consequences A Five-Part Webinar Series by the South Southwest PTTC Session 5: Community Trauma and Systemic Intervention Strategies

Communities, just like individuals, experience trauma. These events can fracture a community leaving it in a state of flight or freeze or mobilize it into an action phase. This webinar discussed the impact of community traumas such as racism, violence, drug and alcohol tragedies, and socio-political traumas on a community’s stages of readiness to address change.

Because participants of this webinar engaged in a dialogue about applying these principles to individual situations and professional practices, the webinar recording is not available. Select the DOWNLOAD button above to download session five PowerPoint and Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience resource.


Sean P. Byrne, MED, MCP, CPS, LPC-S, is the owner/CEO of The Byrne Center, a private counseling practice serving teens and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma issues and an adjunct instructor at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Sean is a licensed professional counselor, certified prevention specialist, and EMDR therapist who has been engaged in community and individual change for over 25 years.  

As the former Executive Director of PreventionWorkz, a regional drug and alcohol prevention center serving northwest Oklahoma, Sean previously served as Executive Director of the United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma, Assistant Director of Youth & Family Services, Coordinator of Training and Development for the University of Oklahoma H.R. Division, and Director of the National Teenline program at the Dept. of Mental Health & Substance Abuse.  

Sean has been active in the Enid community since 1998 serving on the Board of Directors for the Booker T. Washington Center, PEGASYS, Cherokee Strip Community Foundation, Child Advocacy Center, and the Metropolitan Human Services Commission.  He is the former Co-Chair for the Partnership for a Drug Free Oklahoma and co-founder and past President of the Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance, a legislative advocacy group that helped pass numerous laws surrounding alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.  He currently serves as the Chair for the Garfield County Mental Health Coalition.  

Sean has a Masters of Secondary Education with an emphasis in community mobilization, and a Masters of Counseling Psychology from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. He is completing a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Oklahoma.