Let's Get Credentialed in 2023 - New Resources!

January 26, 2023
Happy New Year! We ended 2022 by sharing information to help prepare those of you who would like to become credentialed. We will continue to include resources, including relevant training and technical assistance opportunities, in the coming months to help encourage you to begin this process in 2023!
As you may know, IC & RC recently announced the finalization of the Prevention Specialist exam that will be released in February so there’s no better time than the present to prepare for it. The results of the newsletter poll conducted in the November newsletter revealed one of the number one reasons participants had not yet become credentialed: fear of testing or passing the IC & RC credentialing exam (See the results in the December newsletter). This month South Southwest consultant, Fabricia Prado has developed two videos with tips to tackle testing anxiety. The first, Overcoming Testing Anxiety with 7 Psychological Tools, covers ideas that will help you manage test anxiety. The other video, Give Your Test-Taking Abilities a Boost is a practice that focuses on resources specific to passing the credentialing exam; with the purpose of helping you remember and connect with specific qualities or skills needed to overcome this challenge. We hope these videos will be beneficial to you as you work toward your goal(s), whether they be for credentialing or something else. Our test-taking webpage will provide you with several resources.
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