Capacity Building and Planning 5.21 & 5.28

Capacity Building and Planning – SPF 



Part 1 (Capacity Building): May 21, 2019 

Part 2 (Planning): May 28, 2019 



Capacity building and planning are important steps in the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). This two-part webinar covers each step in detail and provides information on how to successfully implement these steps. 


Key Webinar Features 

  • Part 1 highlights opportunities and strategies for strengthening local-level capacity to participate in prevention efforts by increasing the buy-in and support of a diverse range of community stakeholders. 
  • Part 2 prepares participants to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address identified needs with meaningful involvement from the cultural groups that will be served by our efforts. 



Jessica Goldberg – is a training and technical assistance specialist with nearly a decade of supporting prevention efforts at the national, state, regional and local levels, as well as an accomplished designer and deliverer of in-person and virtual trainings that address topics ranging from collaboration across health sectors to identifying and addressing health disparities. Her past experience includes serving as a community health specialist with the Massachusetts state technical assistance system, supporting communities in needs assessment, strategic planning and creating logic models to guide change efforts, and then with the Center for the Application for Prevention Technologies or CAPT, and now with the PTTC, where she works closely with states and community coalitions to adopt and apply data-driven prevention planning processes and implement evidence-based and promising prevention practices. 

Shai Fuxman, EdD – is a senior research scientist at EDC. Shai has extensive experience in social and emotional learning, youth development, school-based trauma-informed care, and substance misuse prevention. He also has expertise in program evaluation, cultural competence, and quantitative and qualitative research. Shai holds an M.Ed. and Ed.D. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University.


Part 1:


Part 2:


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