Change as an Opportunity for Growth: Part 1

Webinar Description

This two-part virtual learning event will explored change as a foundational concept in substance misuse prevention. It looked at common definitions of change, motivations for and barriers to change, and examined change across the various socio-ecological domains in which it takes place–at the individual level, within relationships, at the community and organizational level and within our society at large.

We also identified tools and strategies to implement change efforts currently used by many prevention practitioners to guide our efforts and additional approaches to consider that can help us better manage change in our work for years to come.

Session 1 highlighted models of individual and family-based change behavior and aligned prevention interventions and approaches. Session 2 highlighted models of community and organizational change and aligned environmental strategies and approaches.

The Presenters

Ivy Jones-Turner – Is a training and technical assistance specialist with Education Development Center. For over 20 years, Ivy has provided organizational capacity assistance on health promotion and prevention in substance abuse, suicide, violence, injury, and mental health with nonprofit and community-based organizations, state and faith-based agencies, and school districts. Her capacity building skills include program evaluation, training and technical assistance in program design and implementation, organizational development, partnerships/collaborations, and sustainability. Ms. Jones-Turner is a Certified Prevention Specialist and holds an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Jessica Goldberg - Is a training and technical assistance specialist with Education Development Center. For over a decade, Jess has specialized in building capacity to improve behavioral health at the national, state, regional and local levels. Her areas of expertise include preventing youth substance use; promoting cross-sector collaborations; addressing health disparities; strategic planning, logic model development, and sustainability planning. Jess holds an MSW and MPH from Boston University, and is a Certified Prevention Specialist.

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