Coalition Affinity Group Series Sessions 1-3 Resources

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This series discusses how coalitions have recently been impacted and seen a decrease in participation, memberships and outreach. The multiple session affinity group generates new ideas related to sustainability that can be used to improve coalition outcomes. Link below to view the recordings and resources for sessions 1, 2 and 3.


Session 1 - Prevention Coalition Affinity Group - Sustaining Prevention Efforts

In session 1, participants focus on building the capacity of the coalition to address these concerns by facilitating an action plan to address sustainability and rejuvenate prevention efforts.  View Recording and Resources

Session 2 - Coalition Affinity Group - Promoting Prevention, Creating Opportunities

In session 2, Sarah Davis brings her 20 years of public health experience to the South Southwest region facilitating an engaging exchange about rejuvenating prevention coalitions by recognizing prevention promotion opportunities that expand participation in prevention efforts on the community and state level.  View Recording and Resources

Session 3 - Rejuvenating Community-led Prevention

In session 3, Prevention Coalition Affinity Group Series - Rejuvenating Community-led Prevention includes a discussion and practical tips from presenter Sarah Davis and focuses on empowering community coalitions and a facilitated learning forum focused on rejuvenating prevention efforts and empowering communities to lead prevention efforts.  View Recording and Resources


Coalition Affinity Group Booster 6-Part Video Series

Every other month, beginning May, 2022 and ending in December, 2022 you will be able to access a new video on strategies to develop the six elements of effective coalitions.

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February 28, 2022
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