Part 3: Vaping Prevention and Interventions in Schools

3-Part Webinar Series: An Update on Adolescent Vaping Prevention: Prevalence, Adverse Behavioral Health Effects, and Prevention Practices

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Part 3: Vaping Prevention and Interventions in Schools

March 5, 2024


Presented by: Aaron Fischer, Ph.D., Professor, Region 8 PTTC Evaluator, University of Utah


The presenter will review challenges facing schools as well as provide an overview of existing interventions for schools. The presenter will also provide an overview of current research regarding vaping interventions in school settings.

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

- Develop effective strategies for resisting peer pressure and making informed choices: Participants will learn practical techniques for resisting peer pressure to vape, including assertive communication, refusal skills, and identifying supportive peer groups. They will also gain insight into the importance of making informed decisions about their health and well-being.

- Explore comprehensive school-based prevention approaches: Participants will explore the components of comprehensive school-based prevention programs aimed at addressing vaping among students. This includes understanding the role of education, policy development, enforcement, and community involvement in creating a supportive environment that discourages vaping.

- Identify resources and support systems available for vaping prevention: Participants will become familiar with resources and support systems available within their school and community to prevent vaping. This includes school counselors, health educators, cessation programs, and peer support groups. They will learn how to access these resources and utilize them effectively to promote a vape-free environment.


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March 12, 2024
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