PTTC Network Launches New Marijuana Prevention and Education Toolkit

The PTTC Network has identified seven areas to focus on the development of new resources and training for the prevention workforce across the country. One of those areas of focus is marijuana risk. A network-wide workgroup has been convened to develop and produce resources for the prevention field to use to support their efforts in implementing marijuana prevention and education. The mission of the PTTC Network Marijuana Risk Work Group is to develop training and technical assistance tools, products, and service, related specifically to marijuana risk education and prevention, that can be deployed across the nation. New England PTTC's Director, Scott Gagnon serves as the chair of this workgroup.

The Marijuana Risk Work Group is pleased to release the first set of marijuana prevention and education resources. There are four products that are being released.  Each product is listed below along with a short description of the product, the suggested use, and a link to download the product.  For any questions or technical assistance needs for the utilization of these products, please contact the Northwest PTTC: [email protected]


Facts Vs Myths Information Sheet:

This information sheet covers 7 common myths or misunderstandings related to marijuana. These include myths on addiction, impairment, and other health effects. Each of the 7 myths is countered with the current evidence, including citations. The goal is to provide a tool for prevention providers to help respond to and educate the public around these common myths.
Use: Tool for use in prevention messaging and education to help dispel misconceptions that may persist in the community around marijuana. This tool may be also useful as a handout at prevention education events.

Link to download


Cannabis Glossary – Terms by Topic

There are many terms, slang words, and other nomenclatures related to marijuana. This glossary will help prevention professionals be more familiar with these terms, to increase competency when discussing these topics. Categories include plant anatomy, slang terms, terms related to marijuana products, cannabinoids, and other terms.

Use: A Reference Guide for prevention providers to familiarize themselves with the many terms related to marijuana.

Link to download

Marijuana Science Education Slide Banks

Two PowerPoint slide banks for prevention professionals to use in marijuana prevention and education work in their communities. The purpose of these slide banks is to provide prevention providers with researched and vetted tools they can feel confident in using in their marijuana prevention presentations.


  • “Marijuana and the Brain” focuses on the pharmacology of marijuana and how it affects the brain.Link to download
  • “The Varied Forms, Potency, and Health Effects of Today’s Cannabis” covers the many forms of marijuana products, as well as trends in potency, and known health impacts. Link to download


Use: You can provide one or both of these slide banks as stand-alone presentations or integrate them into a presentation including local data, trends, and strategies for marijuana prevention. Each slide bank includes presenter notes to guide the speaker on presenting the information contained in the slides.  The slide banks also include references to all of the literature used to source the information presented.


NOTE: Please do not alter any of the slides. If you need additional information, please contact the Northwest PTTC:


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