Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Series: Goal Directedness & New Skills

This webinar is the third installment of a four-part series, The Six Elements of Effective Coalitions, produced by the PTTC Network Community Coalitions and Collaborators Working Group. In our last webinar, we learned about the need for a diverse set of members who meaningfully participate on your coalition. This webinar will answer the question, ‘how do you ensure your coalition is working towards a common goal and providing your coalition members with the necessary skills for success?’ We will explore how to intentionally foster goal directedness and develop members’ skills highlighting real-world examples with two coalition spotlights.

Live Date: November 19 2-3:30CT
1.5 hours


Six Elements of Effective Coalitions: Goal Directedness and New Skills from PTTC Network on Vimeo.


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