Sustainability Planning Toolkit

The NeCPTTC has created a Sustainability Planning Toolkit to help prevention specialists produce and maintain positive substance misuse outcomes. This toolkit guides professionals in evaluating their strategic planning processes and interventions in order to determining what needs to be sustained and the best way to do so. The toolkit offers a five-step sustainability planning process to help communities move from understanding to action, and to identify and secure the resources needed to maintain positive prevention outcomes beyond current funding. The steps include setting sustainability goals, selecting your sustainability approach, identifying needed resources, collaboration and partnership mapping, and developing your sustainability outreach approach. For each of these five steps, the toolkit provides a supplemental worksheet to help practically guide individuals and organizations through this planning process. The toolkit is now available for your use. You may access all the pieces below:

Sustainability Planning Toolkit
Sustainability Planning Checklist
Tool 1 Setting Sustainability Goals
Tool 2 Selecting Your Sustainability Approach
Tool 3 Identifying Needed Resources
Tool 4 Collaboration and Partnership Mapping 
Tool 5 Developing Your Sustainability Outreach Approach 

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