The Data Dive Episode 1 Companion Document

Most states and territories, as well as many communities andtribes, use SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to guide theirprevention work. The SPF is a cyclical, collaborative, data-driven strategicplanning and implementation process that increases the likelihood of achievingthe intended substance-related outcomes (for example, to reduce underagedrinking or to reduce opioid overdoses). The first step of the SPF isAssessment, which begins with collecting and prioritizing substance-relatedconsumption patterns and consequences data. Data prioritization in SPF Step 1is essential in identifying the most important substance-related problem(s)that a state, territory, tribe, or community is facing.  This handout provides an overview of one basicmethod for prioritizing needs assessment data, using the method described in Episode1 of the PTTC's podcast, the Data Dive.




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