Webinar: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Chronic Stress: Building Resilience During and After COVID-19


Adverse Childhood Experiences and Chronic Stress: Building Resilience During and After COVID-19


Webinar Description

During the COVID-19 pandemic many communities follow various stay-at-home orders. Some families experienced more family bonding and other protective factors as a result. For others, these orders might have increased risk factors including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This webinar will provide an overview of ACEs, chronic stress, and opportunities to address these risks at a time when prevention practitioners’ work has been limited to almost completely web-based meetings, services, and communication. 

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe ACEs and their implications for development throughout the lifespan
  • Discuss how COVID-19 and other societal and contextual factors are impacting prevention 
  • Identify opportunities to interact and intervene to address ACEs and other factors when COVID-19 limits in-person activities

Everyone who participates in the live webinar will receive an invitation to join one of three follow-up discussion sessions facilitated by Laura Porter, the presenter. These discussion sessions will allow for deeper dialogue about challenges and solutions emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic across our communities. 



Laura Porter. For nearly two decades, Laura Porter directed a statewide family-community-state partnership that successfully implemented Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study concepts in Washington State. In partnership with over 30 communities and nine Tribes, she developed a model for increasing the capacity of communities to prevent ACEs and their effects. Stunning success from the model, including reduction in the rates of major social and health problems, are documented in peer-reviewed journals, an article titled “Self-Healing Communities,” published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and in the documentary “Resilience” by KPJR Films.

Laura now works with leaders in over 30 states, providing education, facilitation, and empowerment strategies for building Self-Healing Communities. She provides support and services to a wide range of groups… from parents and youth who are convening neighborhood conversations, to philanthropic leaders and government officials who are using ACE science in investment and policy decisions. She and Dr. Robert Anda founded ACE Interface to help leaders to use ACE concepts to build Self-Healing Communities. Laura loves to travel, garden, learn, and play with her children and grandchildren.


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