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V-TECH Meet the Experts: Emerging Issues Around Vaping
Collaborating TTC: Mountain Plains PTTC
March 20, 2020

Our expert moderator and panelists will answer questions and have a discussion about the following topics:

• Current research findings from the Division of Respiratory, Critical Care & Pulmonary, University of Utah on vaping-associated lung injury as well as an update on future studies.

• Vaping prevention risk/protective factors, existing evidence-based or promising vaping prevention programs for youth and young adults (18-25) and other vaping research and resources.

• Policies/laws around e-cigarettes/vaping at the federal level as well as within HHS Region 8 states (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY). Additionally, the experts will discuss what, communities, community coalitions and schools can do, in regards to policies/laws, to combat vaping. Some strategies being implemented in rural communities will be highlighted.