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Addressing Emerging Prevention Issues: Building Strategic Partnerships to Improve Health Equity: Peer-Sharing Call 8 13 2020
October 19, 2020

Addressing Emerging Prevention Issues: Building Strategic Partnerships to Improve Health Equity: Peer Sharing 


August 13, 2020 



An integral part of prevention work is ensuring behavioral health equity, meaning that all members of a community have access to the same opportunities. Engaging partners who have relationships with under-represented groups is key to understanding and addressing prevention needs of these marginalized groups and therefore promoting health equity. This peer sharing call explores how to cultivate and sustain strategic partnerships and the overall role of partnership development in health equity. 


Key Webinar Features 

  •  Participants will have the opportunity to share challenges and strategies for retaining diverse partners and building partner capacity to address emerging issues with a health equity approach. 



Ivy Jones Turner - For over 20 years, Ivy has provided organizational capacity assistance on health promotion and prevention in substance abuse, suicide, violence, injury, and mental health with nonprofit and community-based organizations, state and faith-based agencies, and school districts. Her capacity building skills include program evaluation, training and technical assistance in program design and implementation, organizational development, partnerships/collaborations, and grant management. Ms. Jones Turner is a Certified Prevention Specialist and holds an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 

Debra Morris – Debra Gardner Morris, an expert in advanced training and technical assistance, is a lead training and technical assistance specialist for Prevention Solutions@EDC. She brings extensive experience in evidence-based prevention strategies, effective methods to address health promotion through an equity lens, school-based prevention, management of large national public health centers, and systems change. Nationwide, she provides coaching to engage and mobilize communities to implement environmental prevention strategies. Morris holds an MPH from Emory University focused on Behavioral Sciences and Health Education. She is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES). 



Supplemental Materials 

Tips for Ensuring a Culturally Competent Collaboration?

Worksheet: Taking a Health Equity Approach to Identifying New Partners?

Are Members Satisfied?

Tips for Successful Recruitment? 

Worksheet: Analyzing Existing Partnerships through a Health Equity Lens?

Session Slides

Session Transcript

Webinar Flyer