Advancing Health Equity through the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF): A Lunch & Learn Series

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Advancing Health Equity through the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF): A Lunch & Learn Series


The Southeast & Central East PTTCs are pleased to present this week-long Lunch & Learn Series in collaboration with the Southeast Regional SPTAC Team. This interactive webinar series offers new and experienced prevention professionals an opportunity to explore comprehensive prevention planning with a Health Equity lens. Sessions include dynamic breakout room discussions, resource sharing, and networking opportunities between prevention professionals from regions 3 and 4.


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Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and its key components
  2. Explain the importance incorporating health equity into the SPF process
  3. Identify strategies for assessing community needs and health disparities
  4. Develop a plan to build capacity for implementing the SPF with a focus on health equity
  5. Apply the SPF to develop and implement a comprehensive prevention plan that addresses health disparities
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of prevention efforts and their impact on health equity
  7. Identify strategies for sustaining prevention efforts that prioritize health equity



Nicole M Augustine, MPH, MCHES, PS Region 3 and 4 SPTAC Director


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Session 1 – Assessment & Health Equity

Download Session 1 Presentation Slides

This session provided an overview of the SPF and its key components, with a particular focus on the assessment phase. Participants learned how to conduct a community needs assessment that identifies health disparities and inequities that need to be addressed in prevention planning.


Session 2 – Capacity & Health Equity

Download Session 2 Presentation Slides

In this session, participants learned how to build capacity for implementing the SPF with a focus on health equity. Topics covered included developing partnerships, engaging diverse stakeholders, and building a culture of health equity within organizations.


Session 3 – Planning & Health Equity

Download Session 3 Presentation Slides

This session focused on the planning phase of the SPF and how to incorporate health equity considerations into prevention planning. Participants learned how to prioritize prevention strategies that address health disparities and involve diverse communities in prevention planning.


Session 4 – Implementation & Health Equity

Download Session 4 Presentation Slides

In this session, participants will learn how to implement prevention strategies that prioritize health equity. Topics covered will include adapting evidence-based interventions to meet the needs of diverse communities, addressing social determinants of health, and building community capacity for prevention.

Session 5 – Evaluation and Health Equity

Download Session 5 Presentation Slides

This session will cover the evaluation phase of the SPF and how to assess the impact of prevention efforts on health equity. Participants will also learn how to assess the cultural appropriateness of evaluation tools, use data to monitor progress, evaluate outcomes, and adjust prevention efforts as needed.

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