Building Great Rapport: How to Engage Patients with Unhealthy Substance Use (Webinar Recording)

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Building Great Rapport: How to Engage Patients with Unhealthy Substance Use
Jim Winkle, MPH

August 17, 2021, 1-3 PM EST


By adopting a new approach, clinicians can greatly improve how they engage with these patients. This presentation will improve providers' ability to engage and build rapport by challenging assumptions that lead to stigma, applying principles of harm reduction, and performing a four-step brief intervention model that enhances the motivation of patients to decrease their risk of illness and death. As a result, clinicians who once considered these patient visits "difficult" can begin to perceive them as valuable opportunities to help patients adopt safer behaviors and forge their pathway to recovery.


  • Describe the role of stigma towards patients with unhealthy substance use
  • List the basic principles of a Harm Reduction approach to patient care
  • Perform a four-step brief intervention in less than five minutes
  • Use telehealth platform functions to effectively engage patients


Jim Winkle headshotJim Winkle, MPH has trained hundreds of providers and clinical team members how to address substance use with primary care and emergency medicine patients. As the creator of the SBIRT Oregon website, Jim has designed screening forms, clinic tools and training videos used by health professionals across the country. Jim currently works as a consultant, delivering training and technical assistance to medical systems, universities, and professional organizations.

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