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Coalition Affinity Group Booster 6-Part Video Series

Using the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions framework, developed by the Community Coalitions and Collaborators PTTC working group, this video series outlines each of the six elements discussed in the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Resource Toolkit. The six elements work together to support a coalition’s capacity to achieve desired outcomes in a community.

Every other month, beginning in May and ending in December, you will be able to access a new video on strategies to develop the 6 elements of effective coalitions. This series serves as a follow-up to the Prevention Coalition Affinity Group Series. As the strategies to rejuvenate your coalition evolves, these videos may give you and your coalition concrete practices that will increase prevention outcomes.

In this first 10-minute video, Strategies to Develop Diverse Stakeholders, we explore strategies to build coalitions with diverse stakeholders.

In this second recording, Opportunities for Participation, we will discuss how to encourage active participation amongst coalition members.

In the third video, What is Coalition Efficiency, we will outline strategies for developing coalition members skills and knowledge.

In part four, Coalition Cohesion, Sarah Davis, SSW PTTC consultant will describe three components that foster cohesion in a coalition.

In part five, Developing New Skills, Sarah Davis discusses 1)What information do coalition members need to know in order to help the coalition achieve its goals? 2)What do coalition members need to be able to do? 3)What skills do they need in order to be effective?

In this last video Goal Directedness, Derrick Newby, SSW PTTC T/TA Specialist and Sarah Davis, SSW PTTC Associate dive into practical steps coalition leaders can take to set their coalitions up for success.


October 10, 2022
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