Exploring the Link Between Substance Use Prevention and Structural Racism (Webinar Recording - August 2021)

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Exploring the Link Between Substance Use Prevention and Structural Racism
Anam Siddiqi, MPHc

August 19, 2021, 1:00-2:30 PM EST


Understanding the role structural racism plays in society and its relationship to substance use disorders is critical to prevention and promoting healthy behaviors. This webinar will focus on identifying common systems, policies, and programs that negatively impact people of color, understanding how stress from dealing with racism can lead to substance use, and what steps public health professionals can take to mitigate their role in propagating racist systems.


  • Define, structural racism, understand its history, and recognize how it can manifest in the behavioral health setting
  • Mitigate organizational and individual role in propagating structural racism
  • Understand the link between racism, stress and trauma and identify how experiencing racism can lead to substance use
  • Understand how to develop tactics to prevent substance use and promote healthy coping mechanisms


Anam SiddiqiAnam Siddiqi, MPHc is the Training and Technical Assistance intern for the Central East PTTC. She is currently pursuing her MPH in Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation from the University of Maryland. Ms. Siddiqi’s interests include reducing health disparities, improving health care systems, and promoting community collaboration.

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