People of Color Learning Community Session 2 Webinar Recording and Materials

People of Color



This session focuses on involving communities of color in data collection decision making. Participants use their SWOT analysis from session one to inform their work during this session. Select the View Resource button above to watch the recording. Below are the supplemental materials for session 2.



Steven Magallan holds a Master of Science in Developmental Psychology and an expert in community-based youth development with more than 18 years of experience working directly with the leading experts in prevention science and coalition management.  He specializes in promoting research-based, data-driven, and outcomes-focused behavior change strategies. His experience also includes bi-national work between the United States and Mexico on improving border relations and prevention efforts through community coalitions. Over 1,000 community coalitions have directly benefited from Mr. Magallan’s extensive experience in developing and implementing problem behavior prevention strategies. 



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