Preventing Trauma and Its Consequences


Session 1: Understanding the Science of Trauma, Illuminating Prevention Action provides direct instruction on the most powerful determinant of health, toxic stress, and explores prevention actions that have the power to shift the trajectory of well-being for future generations. With a presentation on a cluster of emerging scientific findings that include resilience research like the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, developmental neuroscience, and epigenetics, participants review the ways that toxic stress during development can affect cognition, relationships, health, and patterns of crisis and coping that affect risks for substance use and other challenging life experiences. Finally, participants delve into the implications for this science in their sphere of influence and generate ideas for prevention action. Select the View Resource button above to watch the recording. Below are the supplemental materials for session one.

PRESENTERlaura porter

Laura Porter is a Co-Founder of ACE Interface, LLC, a public health education and consultation firm that helps community and sector leaders to improve population well-being through trauma-informed action. Laura's work throughout the U.S. and Canada is focused to help leaders to use ACE Study concepts to build Self-Healing Communities. She has specialized expertise in the application of scientific findings about human development (including the ACE Study, developmental neurobiology, and epigenetics) and in governance and living systems principles (including systems thinking, local and state policy, and non-profit management). Her work helps leaders to link research, policy, practice, and community ingenuity. Through that link, communities accelerate the intergenerational changes necessary to improve health and quality of life.




March 30, 2021
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