The Power of Data in Prevention

Webinar Description

This training looked at the importance of Data Informed Decision Making, or DIDM, in strategic prevention planning, and the value of using data within each step of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to identify priority needs and achieve prevention goals.

During this webinar, presenters defined key data-related terminology, described the benefits of using a data-informed prevention planning process, discussed common challenges and barriers to using data to plan and examined data-informed decision making within each SPF step.



Emily Bhargava is a Training and Technical Assistance Associate with Education Development Center (EDC). She is skilled in facilitation, data literacy, strategic and sustainability planning, and evaluation design. For over 15 years, she has led community-level health promotion efforts. She is an expert in the prevention of substance abuse, violence, suicide, teen pregnancy, obesity, and HIV, guiding the planning and implementation of culturally and linguistically responsive community-level prevention and health promotion efforts across Massachusetts and the United States.


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