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Suicide Prevention
School-Based Suicide Prevention Interventions for K-12 Population
Collaborating TTC: Mountain Plains PTTC
April 22, 2020

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The Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and the Mountain Plains Prevention Technology Transfer Center collaborated to host a six-part webinar series, Suicide Prevention Across the Educational Continuum. Throughout the series, participants are provided with information related to suicide prevention and intervention for youth, young adults, and college students.

School-Based Suicide Prevention Interventions for K-12 Population

Participants in this webinar will learn the youth suicide prevalence nationally and the implications to schools. They will also be able to familiarize themselves with multi-tiered systems of positive behavior and social emotional learning. In addition, how the multi-tiered systems support the prevention of suicide. Finally, the webinar will discuss ways to build capacity and sustainability of these services in K-12 schools.

Presented by: Aaron Fischer, PhD


Webinar Recording