Partnering with the Faith Organizations to Address Substance Misuse

Super Session

Partnering with Faith Communities to Improve Prevention Outcomes 

The South Southwest PTTC hosted the virtual super session Partnering with Faith Communities to Improve Prevention Outcomes on August 3, 2021, for prevention professionals and members of faith and spiritual communities.   

Faith and spirituality play a prominent role in the lives of many, making it vital prevention professionals leverage relationships with communities of faith to improve community health and wellness. Importantly, faith is considered a protective factor for preventing or mitigating the risk of substance misuse and a contributor to resilience. Faith-based programming and communities should be included when engaging in comprehensive multi-sector prevention planning.

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Tracy Johnson, with over 25 years of experience, has worked closely with nonprofits, small businesses and, communities in helping them with community organizing, environmental strategies, strategic planning, Substance Abuse Prevention, Coalition Building, cultural diversity and, effective program. He has led projects in working with states and communities on effective substance abuse prevention strategies. Has extensive knowledge of SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework process and Strategic Initiatives.

He is the Director of Training and Technical Assistance for SheRay's & Associates, LLC, Los Angeles, CA. He leads and directs the training needs of clients and as well as the development and implementation of training plans. He identifies experts needed to fulfill the client's needs. He oversees the 60+ expert Associates and Consultants utilized around the United States.

He has received numerous certificates in training in prevention including awards for crime prevention as well as being the lead facilitator for a northern Illinois urban city for its comprehensive crime prevention plan. He was former President and is now lead consultant of Martin Luther King Jr. Community Services of Illinois. He led the implementation of a CSAP "High-Risk Youth" grant in reducing substance abuse in high-risk communities.

He enjoys jogging and spending time with his grandchildren.

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