Planning Your Professional Development Journey


Webinar Description

Creating a personal professional development plan can seem challenging, whether it’s finding time within our schedules or balancing family obligations, deciding which trainings to select, or overcoming difficulties and finding the motivation to continue. In this webinar we looked at the benefits of creating and regularly reviewing a professional development plan and examined the key components to include in creating professional development plans, including:


· Revisiting personal professional development goals and strategies considered or started

· Assessing and identifying successes and challenges in personal development plans

· Exploring strategies to overcome professional development challenges

· Exploring potential career pathways and approaches to a career in prevention

· Developing a personal 6-month professional development plan



Carol Oliver is a nationally recognized leader and trainer in substance misuse prevention. She has expertise in knowledge translation, instructional design, and strategic planning. She specializes in developing systems to solve complex health-related problems and creating effective behavioral health workforces.

Nicole M. Augustine is a passionate prevention thought leader, dedicated to using innovative strategies to strengthen communities, address health inequities, and drive change. An experienced training and technical assistance (TA) specialist, she specializes in integrating equity throughout the strategic prevention framework. Nicole is a Certified Substance Use Prevention Consultant and a Master Certified Health Education Specialist. She is the author of Prevention Specialist Exam Study Guide (Routledge), a book that helps readers understand the competencies and knowledge necessary to become a certified prevention specialist.


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