Promoting Youth Engagement & Connectedness in a COVID-19 World: A Pop-Up Peer Sharing Event

May 1, 2020 



Maintaining social interactions and relationships are essential for youth and young adults’ mental health and resiliency during COVID-19 quarantine. This online event provides prevention practitioners with an opportunity to discuss and share strategies for how to effectively promote youth engagement and wellness in a virtual setting. The event concludes with suggestions for how prevention staff can improve self-care and wellness during remote work. 


Key Discussion Questions 

  • What strategies are you using to engage youth? 
  • What prevention activities are you using to promote wellness? 
  • How can interventions such as social media campaigns support wellness? 
  • How can prevention staff practice wellness for ourselves? 



Jessica Goldberg - Jess is a training and technical assistance specialist with nearly a decade of supporting prevention efforts at the national, state, regional and local levels, as well as an accomplished designer and deliverer of in-person and virtual trainings that address topics ranging from collaboration across health sectors to identifying and addressing health disparities. Her past experience includes serving as a community health specialist with the Massachusetts state technical assistance system, supporting communities in needs assessment, strategic planning and creating logic models to guide change efforts, and then with the Center for the Application for Prevention Technologies or CAPT, and now with the PTTC, where she works closely with states and community coalitions to adopt and apply data-driven prevention planning processes and implement evidence-based and promising prevention practices 

Ivy Jones Turner - For over 20 years, Ivy has provided organizational capacity assistance on health promotion and prevention in substance abuse, suicide, violence, injury, and mental health with nonprofit and community-based organizations, state and faith-based agencies, and school districts. Her capacity building skills include program evaluation, training and technical assistance in program design and implementation, organizational development, partnerships/collaborations, and grant management. Ms. Jones Turner is a Certified Prevention Specialist and holds an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 





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